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Sephora was looking for a way to build a nearshore team that felt more geographically aligned with their headquarters in San Francisco. Sephora hired Stateside under a team augmentation retainer, for which Stateside now employs a team of 14 developers for web and mobile (Android/iOS).

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Our Solution

We entered a team augmentation engagement with Sephora in 2016 with two Front End developers working onsite on a month-to-month basis to migrate their website to a modern tech stack using Server Side Rendering, React and Redux. After spending two months in San Francisco working with the Sephora architects, Stateside presented a proof-of-concept of the category page using React and it was a success.

This started a complete migration of the site leveraging the following technologies.

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    Server Side Rendering

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The results

Check The Site

Successfully migrated Sephora’s website to a modernized tech stack.


18 Mobile and Web App developers in less than two years

Nearshore Solution

half the team in Costa Rica and half on-site.


Statesiders continue to lead the team of developers across both locations.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stateside over the past few years. The team is both experienced in front end development and easy to work with. They demonstrate high levels of professionalism and work ethic. Despite working offsite, members of Stateside make a big impact on the team, not only in productivity but also on the positive team culture. Thank you for all you do!

Gemma Haylett

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