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What is staff augmentation?

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With staff augmentation, one business engages a company–such as Stateside–specializing in hiring and team building to expand their in-house capacities for the mid-to-long-term. Staff augmentation allows businesses to efficiently fill any talent need, from developers, systems architects, designers, test engineers, network and security analysts, to product and project managers.


What's the difference between outsourcing “offshore” versus “nearshore”?

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Offshoring and nearshoring involve staffing positions from a country or country other than the business’s home country. The difference comes down to geographic proximity, time zones, and cultural similarities or differences–for example, languages, workplace rights, business etiquette, commercial markets and products, popular culture, social norms, or a country’s laws. Nearshoring fosters better integration of in-house and off-site teams.

Stateside follows a nearshoring hiring strategy.
Here are key similarities and differences to consider:


  • Client’s headquarters and the employees’ country are geographically distant, usually in a different time zone.
  • Off-shore and in-house teams may not be native or fluent speakers of the same language.
  • Talent pool for a given position is abundant in this country.
  • Labor costs are significantly lower.
  • Off-shore and in-house teams often work in very different time zones, 10+ hours.


  • Client’s headquarters and the employees’ country are neighboring or in the same time zone.
  • Off-shore and in-house teams generally speak the same languages or have comparable fluencies.
  • Talent pool for a given position is abundant in this country.
  • Labor costs are significantly lower.
  • Off-shore and in-house teams often work in similar time zones, usually less than a 3 hour difference.


What should I consider before outsourcing?

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Outsourcing can help companies of all sizes close any potential skills gaps of their in-house teams. It can also improve overall efficiency by sharpening your internal team’s focus.

The following questions can help guide your decision:

  • Will outsourcing help progress my business? 
    • Yes, outsourcing can move your business forward by filling in areas that currently lack technical expertise. 
  • Will it boost my team’s capabilities? 
    • Outsourcing can quickly diversify your team’s skills as it is easy to outsource a specialist in a skill that your in-house team doesn’t have.
  • How can outsourcing make my team more efficient? 
    • If you find members of your in-house team are often performing tasks outside of or below their realm of expertise, outsourcing these tasks can free up time for your in-house team to excel in their core areas, leading to overall greater productivity. 
  • How will outsource impact project deadlines? 
    • Outsourcing part of a project's tasks helps your team meet deadlines by giving you the ability to bring in talent quickly. You can rapidly expand to meet the demands of a project or client.
  • How will outsourcing help us scale?
    • You can benefit from outsourcing if your company is scaling up quickly and you foresee challenges meeting customer demands.


How does staff augmentation work?

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We first help you identify what expertise, skills, number of positions, and seniority of developers the job requires.Then we help you find people that match these needs, as well as your job description and expectations.

Stateside pulls from its proprietary, extensive databases of technology specialists to work on your project. We are always ready to present candidates to you, whether from our existing talent pool or in the recruiting pipeline.

If necessary, we would next schedule interviews with potential candidates. In most cases, you can also request a “test task” at this point to confirm a candidate’s technical skills.

If the candidate passes the interview and test, they get placed with your company and onboarded to your team.


What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

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Quicker hiring: Stateside’s process usually takes a few weeks to onboard the right candidate. Compare this to the few months it often takes a company to hire on their own and the potential cost of a bad hire (52 days and $4,000 on average according to Deloitte). 


Well-organized onboarding: Getting software industry employees up and running requires employers to clearly articulate project goals, workflow, and requirements. Stateside streamlines and strategizes this process to ensure employers have the know-how to communicate outcome goals to employees, and that employees understand each aspect of a successful project.

High retention rates: Our understanding of the industry, close communication with the clients, and expertise iset in hiring results in lower turnover than the current industry standard.


What are the advantages of doing business with Stateside vs. freelancers?

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  • Working in the same time zone allows closeness and ease in communication.
  • Team members are exclusively dedicated to one client.
  • Fully-insured US corporation.
  • All benefits required by law and more including HR, career paths, and training.
  • Onboarding process allows for close cultural alignment.
  • We are 100% compliant; we assume business risks and insurance.


  • Work on their schedule at their own pace.
  • Usually work with more than one client, sometimes without your knowledge.
  • Often no business insurance.
  • Receive no benefits from employers, leading to risking a high turnover.
  • If offshore, often not familiar with U.S corporate culture.
  • Risk of tax/legal non-compliance (e.g., new regulations or permanent establishment.)


Are there any recruiting fees?

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Nope, no recruiting fees! Once you select a candidate, they are onboarded to your company as if they’re part of your team.


Do I need to make international payments?

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Stateside is a fully insured US Corporation. We take care of paying developers in their own countries.


What information do we need to enter a staff augmentation engagement?

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The following questions will help us better understand what you’ll need to get started:

  1. What exact skills or expertise does the job require?  
  2. What level of seniority should the new team members have? 
  3. Do you need a project manager?
  4. What software product are you developing?  
  5. How many people are already involved in the development process or project?  
  6. How many people do you anticipate needing to meet client demands and appropriately scale up?


How soon can I hire developers?

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The short answer is, it depends on the capabilities and seniority you’re looking for. Our hiring process can be immediate or last up to 39 business days, with some exceptions for hard-to-find, senior positions.


How do you ensure the quality of services provided and employee retention?

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We offer remarkable benefits and perks for our employees, as well as personal development programs to foster ongoing professional growth. A dedicated manager also conducts regular, one-to-one meetings with employees to discover areas of improvement and drive retention.

Each client works with an account manager who both coordinates production work and builds a solid relationship between the client and Stateside.

Our employees and clients are VIPs: Among many other initiatives, we have developed special benefit programs, sign-on bonuses, referral programs, sick leave, vacation policies, personal development plans, and much more to ensure team members thrive in our working environment.


How will I communicate with my developers?

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In process with you we prepare a structured communications plan, including preferred channels and working hours. To keep communication timely, our teams’ hours must overlap at least 80% with our clients’ working hours.

New team members will integrate with your organization, and be assigned an email address from your company. They can participate in any internal and client-facing meetings as part of your organization.


Do you offer a guarantee?

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Yes. If after two weeks you’re not satisfied with the quality, we will void the first invoice and terminate the contract free of charge.


Where do you hire your talent from?

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We hire from Latin America and the United States.


What are the benefits or advantages of doing business with Stateside?

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  1. We are experts at hiring and retaining remote technical talent.
  2. We have a recruiting and technical team working solely to find the best talent for your businesses.
  3. Our Account Management and HR teams seamlessly work with you to keep the team engaged, proactively resolve issues, and uncover opportunities.
  4. We are the go-to vendor for Fortune 1000 companies because we are a reliable, stable, and secure partner to expand your team nearshore. 
  5. We are flexible and allow your business to expand its IT department faster with less risk.
  6. The talent we provide to your organization is culturally aligned and works in your time zone, ensuring seamless integration and increased productivity. 
  7. Lastly, we help you save money without compromising the quality of talent.


Will I have a chance to interview the developer?

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We perform the first round of interviews for technical skills and cultural fit, and then we send our feedback to you. We can schedule a final interview with you or your technical team if required.


Do you charge per hour or month?

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We can easily do both: We work under an hourly rate system, or we can work with a monthly fee.


What is the timeline or process to get started?

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  • Discovery: We listen and interview our potential partners to identify the right team makeup, capabilities, and level of seniority needed so we can build the right team.
  • Interview: Once a job description and team makeup are agreed upon, Stateside thoroughly interviews all potential candidates.
  • Setup: Stateside onboards our developers, getting them ready to work with hardware, health benefits, bank account, email accounts for both Stateside and our clients’, HR protocols, coding standards, and security protocols.


How do I get started?

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Book a meeting with us or give us a call at (213) 357-1185. We will ask you a few questions, send you the Partnership Agreement, and we can start working together right away!
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The Stateside warranty


If after two weeks you’re not satisfied with the quality we deliver, we will void the first invoice and terminate the contract free of charge.

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