We are Stateside, your technology dream team

We are an award-winning creative & technical Staff Augmentation agency that provides premium talent services in the United States. We build your digital team so you can focus on building your business. A Multi-National company with presence in 14 different countries: United States, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Venezuela, Chile, and counting.

Some Of Our Clients

Provivi | Stateside Client
Sephora | Stateside Client
Legalshield | Stateside Client
Dave and Busters | Stateside Client
RM Sothebys | Stateside Client
Pepsi | Stateside Client
Redbull | Stateside Client
Subaru | Stateside Client
Provivi | Stateside Client
Sephora | Stateside Client
Legalshield | Stateside Client
Dave and Busters | Stateside Client
RM Sothebys | Stateside Client
Pepsi | Stateside Client
Redbull | Stateside Client
Subaru | Stateside Client
Employee coming down the stairs | Stateside office
Developer playing table football | Stateside officeDeveloper working in front of the computer | Stateside office

What Sets Us Apart?

It’s All About Our Culture

Our Values

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We own

Ownership implies accountability. We take pride in our work and doing it in the right way.

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We risk

Extraordinary results come from challenging the status quo. We push for better and stand behind our ideas.

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We deliver

Results gain their value through expectational delivery. We always aim to exceed our client’s expectations.

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We enjoy

The best work comes from those who love what they do. We find joy in all aspects of what we do.

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How can we help you?

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Sourcing, retaining and managing top digital talent in a competitive market. 54% of companies globally report talent shortages—the highest in over a decade (ManpowerGroup survey 2021)
Expertise to determine the team you need to reach your business goals.When technology is not your core business, we help you make the right choices to solve your digital challenges.
Time to focus on your core business, not on recruiting or digital challenges. The IT industry is the most competitive recruiting sector. IT staff turnover in the U.S. is the highest across all industries, 25%.
A guaranteed qualitative resource and seamlessly integration.Our teams bring expertise, leadership, adaptability, impeccable work, accountability, and cultural affinity, all in the same time zone.
Reduced risks and costs.Our staff augmentation options cost less than hiring local talent in the USA. We also mitigate against the expense of replacing a wrong hire (up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings): if you are not satisfied, we provide a replacement.
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Roadmap To Your Success

Stateside Our Process Step 1Discovery:

Stateside listens to our potential partners to identify the right talent needs.

Stateside Our Process Step 2Interview:

Once we agree on a job description, Stateside interviews all potential candidates.

Stateside Our Process Step 3Setup:

Stateside sets up the developers with our onboarding process.

Stateside Our Process Step 4Performance reviews and continuous improvement:

Our account management service reviews performance and makes improvements over time.

Stateside Our Process Step 5Our guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied with the quality we deliver after two weeks, we will void the first invoice and terminate the contract free of charge.

14 nationalities

14 languages

12 countries

12 dogs owners

8 cats owners

Alvaro Chacon Founder and CEO

Alvaro Chacon

Founder and CEO
Mauricio Ventura | Finance Director

Mauricio Ventura

Finance Director
Paul Dermody | Technology Director

Paul Dermody

Technology Director
Katia Cruz | Operations Analyst

Katia Cruz

Operations Analyst
Ricardo Alvarado | Mobile Tech Lead

Ricardo Alvarado

Mobile Tech Lead
Erik Zitzermann | Art Director

Erik Zitzermann

Art Director
Rebecas profile image #1

Rebeca Salazar Casanova

Human Resources Manager
Andres Monge

Andres Monge

Account Director
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Awards And Recognitions

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Forbes Award

Social Responsibility

At Stateside, Social Responsibility is part of our culture. Our entrepreneurial philosophy inspires us every day to generate a positive impact in our community.

Corporate volunteer program image

Corporate Volunteer Program

We think green, we give back to our community and we support our Health Care heroes.

Dev like a girl | Stateside Program for women empowerment and career development

Dev like a girl

We support our female devs on their career development and leadership skills, they are also mentors to young female students.

Developer giving a Tech Talk | Stateside Coaching Sessions

Tech Talks

Our Engineers share their knowledge to young professionals and High school students.

Los Ángeles, CA office image | Credits: Photo by Pedro Marroquin on Unsplash
San José, CR office image

Our Presence