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We help our clients transform their ideas into exceptional digital experiences that will create an impact on their end-users. We partner with them by putting together a dream team of developers, designers, engineers, and quality resources who seamlessly integrate into their organization helping them reach their business goals. Take a closer look at our success stories and learn more about how the Stateside model has helped our clients transform their businesses.

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Success Stories

We take the hassle out of hiring, managing, and retaining developers by sourcing candidates from all over the Americas, so our clients can focus on their core business with confidence and peace of mind.

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Staff Augmentation


Sephora Network and Security Team thumbnail image | Stateside Team Augmentation project

Staff Augmentation

Sephora Network and Security Team

Sephora Team Augmentation thumbnail image | Stateside Team Augmentation project

Staff Augmentation


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Our Capabilities

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How Do Our Staff Augmentation Services Work?

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Staff augmentation is a special type of cooperation that allows businesses to engage external resources to complete a particular task or project. These professionals either join your in-house team or work separately on your behalf and can be available short-term or long-term, as required. Our certified engineers, developers, and designers can collaborate with your existing staff or serve as your on-demand development team.

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Roadmap To Your Success

Stateside Our Process Step 1Discovery:

We hold in-depth consultations with our clients to determine the skills, capabilities, and level of seniority required to build the optimal team for their businesses needs.

Stateside Our Process Step 2Interview:

If it is determined that new team members are required to optimize the team structure, Stateside conducts detailed interviews with all potential candidates, both internal and external.

Stateside Our Process Step 3Setup:

This involves setting them up with all necessary equipment, email accounts, and payroll processes, and completing comprehensive induction training.

Stateside Our Process Step 4Reviews & continuous improvement:

A dedicated Account Management team is assigned to each of our clients to optimize their experience and ensure their satisfaction.

Stateside Our Process Step 5Our guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied with the quality we deliver after two weeks, we will void the first invoice and terminate the contract free of charge.

Our Clients

Provivi | Stateside Client
Sephora | Stateside Client
Legalshield | Stateside Client
Dave and Busters | Stateside Client
Bond | Stateside Client
RM Sothebys | Stateside Client
Nestle | Stateside Client
OMA | Stateside Client
Agency 39 | Stateside Client
Colab| Stateside Client
Redbull | Stateside Client
Chobani | Stateside Client
Subaru | Stateside Client
Latitude | Stateside Client
Reebok | Stateside Client
Ignited | Stateside Client
Deare | Stateside Client
Restavek | Stateside Client
DF | Stateside Client
Abrams | Stateside Client
DT | Stateside Client
Ethr | Stateside Client
Extrade | Stateside Client
Pepsi | Stateside Client

We understand how expensive and time-consuming it is to build a reliable technology team.