Introducing Andres Monge,
Our New Accounts Director
at Stateside

by David Barrios, Marketing Manager

September 18, 2023

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Introducing Andres Monge, 
Our New Accounts Director 
at Stateside

Leadership changes can often bring about a renewed drive for excellence in organizations. It's an opportunity to embrace a fresh perspective on the business, which can lead to innovative approaches to achieving excellence. This new perspective may shift the organization's goals and strategies and set higher standards for performance. Another benefit is fostering a culture of innovation that encourages employees to think creatively, experiment with new ideas, and continuously improve processes.

That's what is happening here at Stateside. Andres Monge, our new Accounts Director, is arriving to take accountability for this important area of our agency. Not only as a leader, he will also oversee financial and client management with a broad analytic outlook that covers practically all areas of the agency. Let's get to know him better next.

Background on Stateside

Stateside Agency is a nearshore IT staff augmentation company operating in the realm of IT outsourcing and talent acquisition. We identify, recruit, and vet IT professionals with the required skills and expertise, maintaining a qualified candidate pipeline for various IT roles. We aim to understand our partner companies' needs, project requirements, and desired skill sets to deliver the best staff augmentation solutions to them.

In summary, the Director of Account Management and Sales role entails leading the revenue team, ensuring client satisfaction, growing existing accounts, acquiring new clients, and strategizing for business growth. This position is vital in shaping sales and account management strategies, managing customer relationships, and achieving revenue targets. It requires a deep understanding of sales and account management, leadership skills, strategic thinking, effective communication, adaptability to change, and a dedication to growth and customer satisfaction.

Who is Andres Monge? 

Personal Background:

Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, Andy Monge has always been passionate about combining technology and human connection to create impactful solutions.

Education and Early Career Highlights:

With a solid educational background in engineering, Andy quickly distinguished himself in early roles by meeting objectives and setting new performance benchmarks.

Interests and Personal Values:

A rock music enthusiast, Andy enjoys playing the guitar and singing with his band, Magnetic Feels. His love for sports extends to being competitive in tennis and golf. Valuing family, friendship, and intellectual growth, Andy finds joy in board games and in-depth discussions on conspiracy theories and engineering. At his core, Andy is a husband and a parent above all, and his personal goal is to achieve financial freedom.

Professional Background: 

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

Previous Roles and Accomplishments: With extensive experience in account management and team leadership, Andy has successfully led revenue teams across various sectors, driving consistent growth and high client satisfaction.

Industries and Domains: With a background in mechanical engineering, he started working in account management and sales at an early age in the water industry and eco-friendly products. He has now carved a niche in the nearshore outsourcing and engineering domains, creating value by building and maintaining strong, talented digital teams.

Notable Milestones: Promoted by the CEO at GWS to open a warehouse in Sarasota, FL, he started working in the nearshore outsourcing business and quickly grew to a director position by exceeding expectations and experiencing fast-paced growth. Currently serving as the Director of Account Management at Stateside Agency, a fully remote nearshore outsourcing engineering company, Andy's leadership is more than just managerial; it's a guidepost for growth and excellence.

The Role of an Accounts Director at Stateside

A detailed look into what the role entails.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Acquiring new clients through lead follow-up.
  2. Collaborating with the Account Management team to enhance internal processes and devise account growth strategies.
  3. Weekly performance management of the Account Management team, ensuring they exceed customer goals.
  4. Maintaining and nurturing key account relationships for high customer satisfaction and retention.
  5. Leading and coaching a team of account managers to achieve revenue targets.
  6. Identifying new business opportunities through prospecting and cold-calling, working with the marketing team for outreach.
  7. Proposing, negotiating, and closing deals to maximize revenue.
  8. Collaborating with marketing and product teams to develop sales materials and inform product enhancements.
  9. Forecasting sales, analyzing data, and strategizing for revenue and profitability improvement.
  10. Working with the finance team to enhance financial metrics.
  11. Maintaining accurate CRM records and reporting progress to the executive team.

A Word from Andres

đź‘‹ Hey everyone!

First Impressions about Stateside:

When I first got introduced to Stateside Agency, I was instantly drawn to its strong leadership and rock-solid branding. It felt like in a band that had the potential to top the charts—this company is going places, and I'm stoked to be part of that journey.

Vision and Plans for Account Management:

Picture this: a well-oiled machine where every cog knows its place, processes are as natural as breathing, and intuition is the name of the game. But it's not all about the machine; it's about the people we serve. Our customers come first, always. I aim to build an account management department that doesn't just react to fires but proactively extinguishes them before they even spark.

To Our Clients, Potential Clients, and Team Members:

Whether you're already part of our team or considering joining us, expect greatness. We're not just a company, but a team committed to making your experience exceptional. And hey, if we ever drop the ball, we're also committed to quickly and effectively picking it right back up.

So, let's rock this!

How Does This Impact Our Clients and Partners?

Andres plays a critical role in enhancing the level of service and commitment to our clients, which involves generating sales and ensuring that existing clients are satisfied and their needs are met. His role requires a combination of proactive communication, relationship building, problem-solving, and a genuine commitment to helping clients succeed. By implementing these strategies, he can strengthen client relationships, drive loyalty, and contribute to the overall success of Stateside. 

The first step is to thoroughly understand the needs and goals of each client in order to come up with tailored solutions and services that meet what they expect. The next step is to build strong client relationships by establishing trust and rapport. Andres should play the client's advocate. within Stateside, they are ensuring that their concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. This requires regular communication, active listening, and conducting regular client assessments to identify their evolving needs by keeping them informed about product updates, industry trends, and relevant news. Regular check-ins, status updates, and reporting demonstrate commitment to keeping them in the loop.

In the coming months, there are several key innovations and changes to be implemented at Stateside:

Tech Innovations

We are implementing a new client portal, which will enhance onboarding processes and improve visibility for customers. It will also allow customers to make requests to your team and track the pipeline for specific profiles, streamlining operations and enabling us to focus more on building strong relationships with clients.

Data-Powered Account Management

Our main goal is to provide excellent service while leveraging data-driven insights from CRM to offer proactive customer feedback. This will not only enhance the quality of service but also help in identifying areas for improvement.

Team Synergy

Despite remote working conditions, we are committed to fostering team connectivity. This will be achieved through retreats and skill-building workshops that aim to strengthen team bonds and enhance skills. The workshops will cover various areas, including negotiation and consultative selling, to elevate overall performance.

Strengthening Client Relations

There is a strong emphasis on improving client relations through new initiatives, such as:

  • Health Scores and Improved Service: We plan to implement tailored client health scores, which will be monitored on the new client portal. These scores will provide transparency through real-time insights into customer satisfaction and highlight accounts that may require immediate attention. They will take into account engagement, issue frequency, and feedback, enabling a proactive approach to relationship management.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs): We are working to enhance structured QBRs. These meetings will involve open discussions with clients about the successes and failures of the past quarter. They will also serve as a platform for setting goals for the upcoming quarter and aligning strategies, fostering stronger collaboration with clients.

These innovations and changes reflect Stateside's commitment to improving customer service, fostering team collaboration, and strengthening client relationships through data-driven insights and enhanced communication channels.

Welcoming a New Chapter

We're thrilled to welcome Andres to our team as the new Accounts Director. His expertise and fresh perspective are generating a lot of excitement. We're dedicated to fostering a culture of open communication. His insights and opinions are essential as we refine our services and exceed expectations. His point of view will ensure the innovation and improvement our clients expect, along with the great service we have always provided.


As the Director of Account Management and Sales at Stateside, Andres Monge will take a positive step toward renewing our commitment to excellence and fostering a culture of innovation. His arrival brings a fresh perspective and an opportunity to elevate Stateside’s performance. His role, which encompasses leadership, financial management, and client relations, highlights our dedication to a comprehensive approach to success.

Our mission underscores our commitment to providing top-tier talent to meet the needs of partner companies. Andres will be leading the team and ensuring client satisfaction, as well as driving new business opportunities, playing a vital part in Stateside's growth and commitment to excellence.

He is pivotal in enhancing client service and satisfaction, understanding and meeting client needs, building trust, providing regular updates, and fostering open communication, which reflects a commitment to a client-centric approach. Andres Monge will undoubtedly strengthen client relationships and drive success for Stateside.

Interested in finding out more about all these new and positive changes at Stateside with the arrival of Andres Monge? You can talk to him directly via this email address or contact us.

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