One Day in the Life
of Gabriela Gutierrez:
Senior Full-Stack Developer
at Stateside

by Juliana Shiohara, Content Writer

July 12, 2023

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One Day in the Life 
of Gabriela Gutierrez: 
Senior Full-Stack Developer 
at Stateside

Getting to know Gabriela

Gabriela Gutierrez is a Costa Rican full-stack developer with a lot of experience on the front end, but for the past few years, she has also worked on the back end. She has eight years of experience and has worked on various projects, from mobile to the web. 

A strong practical thinker, she decided to pursue a career in software development because of advice from her best friend about the job opportunities and high salaries that such a profession offers. And the advice worked. Today she has a senior position with a remarkably strong performance at Stateside. 

Gabriela's work routine

Gabriela is very organized and takes her routine seriously, but everything starts with physical exercise; that's the first thing she does in the morning, guaranteeing that extra dose of serotonin to get into the rhythm. Breakfast and a shower soon afterward; then it's time to put all that coding into action.

She usually greets all her coworkers early in the morning and asks them if everything is okay with their tasks or if there are any blockers. By following her personal "to-do list," she gets down to business to accomplish the day's goals, although sometimes that isn't possible, depending on the complexity of the tasks.

For Gabriela, working in an organized, quiet, and peaceful environment is mandatory. During the whole day, two furry companions are by her side, her dogs, Max and Sammy. Now and then, her husband also shows up to make her laugh. These little distractions add joy to the day and the very complex tasks involved in software development. 

But complexity also has an easy, bright side: you can learn something new daily from your assigned work or coworkers' experiences. Gabriela thinks that she is part of the best team at the company. The members are primarily from Costa Rica, the US, and Ukraine. They have a lot of experience, and she can learn much from them. 

And talking about the company, she is delighted working at Stateside. She believes that her work is valued, and there is a lot of trust in their relationship with the managers. This mutual feeling only adds motivation and satisfaction among all parties, making the results exceed the expected ones.

Finishing the day, Gabriela says that her favorite part is the afternoon because she usually doesn't have many meetings and can make good progress on her tasks. She enjoys individual tasks even as a member of a great team – developer stuff, right? 

Once her work routine is over, Gabriela tries, by all means, to switch off and only think about codes, tasks, or projects the next working day.


Gabriela's current work

Gabriela is working on a web page for Sephora, a French multinational beauty and personal care product retailer. It is an admin portal developed for clients to book appointments for their services in more than 600 stores in the US and Canada. 

The HASM (Happening at Sephora Manager) has a calendar for the appointments booked, and clients can also see the availability of services and events, which beauty advisors manage. Also, it's possible to create new appointments, update them, and cancel them.

The project has been going on for two years. Gabriela started focusing on the front end (using React, Node.js, and JavaScript), but she is currently doing some back end (using Spring Boot). By taking over the back end, she is proud of helping her team develop a new API and reduce the workload. The main technologies she is working with are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Java, Node.js, Jest, and Mockito.

Many teams are working on this app, but hers has almost 35 members, including a project manager, a tech lead, developers, and QA engineers. They use Scrum, with daily stand-up meetings, to talk about goals and if there are blockers. They also have a dev sync meeting to solve the blockers and ask questions of the team. Every 15 days, they have retrospectives and sprint planning.

Working at Stateside 

We can understand how processes function here by learning a little about Gabriela's day-to-day work. We offer a vibrant and collaborative environment for technology professionals to strive for. 

We aim to build exceptional teams with the best nearshore talents, providing our clients with the solutions they need to improve their businesses. It is an exchange of trust and efficiency guaranteed by our expertise and the positive results we have achieved, reducing risks and costs. To understand better what we offer, please look at our careers site.

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