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Sephora was looking to extend their in-store customer experience beyond the store using their Sephora App. They came up with a feature called the Digital Makeover Guide. The feature allows customers the ability to take home their makeover experience, so they never forget the techniques and tips that their makeup artist showed them.

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Our Solution

Stateside provided Sephora a team augmentation service to quickly expand their team of developers and deliver quality work. The Stateside team, working collaboratively with the Sephora team, defined and developed a number of innovative features:

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    Virtual Artist, for product try-on, tutorials, color matching, all using VR features

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    Personalized recommendations

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    Rewards program integration

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    Community channels fostering discussions on beauty related topics

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    Voice Search

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    App Navigation Redesign

The results

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With the support of Stateside, Sephora was able to successfully extend the in-store experience into the digital environment. The new feature not only helped to empower their customers to improve their techniques it served as a retention tactic by providing a community to connect with but all the supplies needed to continue the make-over experience. \nAs a result of the quality of work Stateside provided, our partnership grew with Sephora and we were invited to continue to support the development of other mobile products.

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